Standing with the Fridge door open

Sometimes, I feel like writing something, but then I don’t. You know why, I tell you why. It’s because I don’t want to have to tag it, or figure out where it goes on the blog. I just don’t know what I want to make it into. This sensation reminds me of standing at the fridge with the door open “having nothing to eat,” while observing shelves of food in front of me.

So, what I have done with the page if essentially created the junk drawer of my blog. If I don’t know what to do with a thought, I’m going to put it here. Feel free to look through my junk to see if there’s something you need here. Of course, don’t take it without asking. I’m a pretty nice person and most likely let you borrow as long as you say you borrowed it from me. Time to give it a whirl.

A Book I Have Really Enjoyed

Have you ever wanted the mind numbing euphoria of television without the side effects of being glued to a screen. I do quite frequently.

Hi, my name is Marciana and I am an addict. I am a bookoholic; the thrill of reading to me is like crack to a drug addict. I can finish any book that I start in a day. I may not eat or sleep or do anything but use the restroom, but I will know the end of that book by the next day.

What does any of this have to do with television or books for that matter. Well, I’ll tell you. Since having children, I have been going through withdrawals. Zoning out for 24 hr periods doesn’t really work well with parenting. I try my best to stay away from books for the betterment of my children. This means my entertainment mostly comes in hour segment on a lit screen. I do yearn for the beauty of words on a page.

My husband and I had an epiphany! We could listen to an audiobook while the kids were sleeping and get some other things accomplished.


The only thing harder than climbing to the top of Mount Everest, I believe, is finding a book my husband and I can agree on. I like fictional book where I can go on an adventure. He likes non-fiction books generally about theology. If I don’t like a book series, I go to something worth my precious leisure time. He, on the other hand, will read the next five just for completion sake.


We both enjoy humor, and we are both parents. This last part comes in handy as it provides common ground. We decided to find this magical book that both of us would listen to. After going to the four corners of the earth, we found the book.

Its illustrious title was DAD IS FAT by Jim Gaffigan.,204,203,200_.jpg

May I say, I really needed a good laugh and mindless entertainment. This book gave it to me. My husband and I both enjoyed it. His relatable stories and constant checking with the reader kept me enthralled. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone, because he switches back and forth to people who have no kids and people who do. He explains the plight of the parent outside of the hotel room (I have been there so many times, I’ve started bringing a deck of cards.) He explains the hideous awesomeness that is parenting. I must concur with Jim. (Hey Jim, if you ever read this, feel free to contact my family, and we can commiserate together about our lack of sleep.) I love my children, and I may joke about them sometimes but that just means I love them.


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