I feel coupons are the civil war of households. Everyone has an opinion. This generally boils down to two camps: coupons awesome and coupons are a complete waste of time. Now, there are varying degrees of passion from the extreme couponer to the coupons are unfashionable crowd. I’m in the “I’m too cheap to pay full price” crowd. Now, you don’t know me, but I’ll admit I’m somewhat of a foodie.

Foodie: Person, ie myself, who enjoys eating food far too much, to think little Caesar’s actually serves pizza.

These two revelations frequently come into conflict: cheapness and a love of good food. It’s a bit of a Gordian knot.  Enter the coupon! Good food for less than full price.

You may wonder where all of this is going. I feel like there may be other people like me out there. I would want someone to share the following tips with me, so this page  I hope will help you.


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