I recently decided that I wanted to undertake a project. I wanted to spearhead a movement where parents and kids did an activity they both enjoyed. So the following posts will be reviews of things I do with my kids.  BUT…… I am going to flip it on its head. Instead of  writing how “kid-friendly” […]


ALL LIVES MATTER! I am frankly tired of hearing about more people being shot. I am more tired of hearing these tragedies being used as platforms for hatred. It takes not any effort to hate someone. No effort to blame pain on a mass group of people. It takes courage and strength to say, “You […]

No Mommy…I don’t want to see

Today, my 3 yr old received his glasses. Apparently, he can’t see anything close up. When you make a 3 year old, wear glasses, for about two seconds they are cool. Then, they want to take them off, and do something else. When, I insisted that he must wear them. His complaint was, “But Mommy, […]

Hey what happened to the content from your post,” Moving to the Most Dangerous Place on Earth”

You may have noticed that I had the audacity to post a title like “Moving to the most Dangerous Place on Earth” and then post nothing under it. I mean what kind of person does that. Hey, let me tease you with an awesome title and then add nothing. I assure you that no maniacal […]