I am a Failure and that’s ok.

So many times in life, our society touts life’s success. It reminds me of the movie Inside Out. Our society is caught in the first half of the movie. In case you have not seen it 567 times like me, here is a recap. The movie personifies the emotions in a girl’s head. The emotions generally give sadness a hard time. Joy, the happiness emotion, is the star and runs the show. Eventually, sadness doesn’t feel needed and leaves. Our culture glorifies the victors and very rarely focuses on their failures. If failures are discussed, it is to ridicule and mock the person.

“This is a shame. Failure is the greatest friend of success.”

I admit it. “I am a failure” is a rather audacious title. It’s true and I am finally not ashamed of it. I love my mother, and she is a perfectionist. Her mantra was “a mistake is a mistake because it could have been avoided.” There simply was no reason for failure. 

It took me until my twenties to figure out that mistakes or failures are okay. I feel that we put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. What makes us unique and beautiful are our scars and battles. 

Daybreak is beautiful, because it comes through darkness.

The second half of Inside Out discovers that to have a healthy well rounded person you need sadness. 

I have failed at my career, at times I have failed my husband and kids, and I have failed my ventures. It is disheartening and I look back at those times with pain.

I need those memories, because they helped me gain some of my greatest lessons and successes. It’s okay to be a failure. Learn from it and grow. 

We were missionaries and had to leave to field for my health. I felt like a failure and a let down. My family and my marriage are so much stronger and sweeter now.

I love my failures. They gave me beautiful day breaks.


In the beginning God Created….

In the beginning God Created….(Some encouraging thoughts from Genesis 1:1-2)

  • Awestruck by Your Power …out of nothing You created with mere words

  • Darkness was over the face of the deep… In the darkness, with nothing around to record its existence, you know it was there….unseen.

  • The spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters….created but not forsaken. No matter how chaotic His creation has been never left it.


I recently decided that I wanted to undertake a project. I wanted to spearhead a movement where parents and kids did an activity they both enjoyed. So the following posts will be reviews of things I do with my kids. 


I am going to flip it on its head. Instead of  writing how “kid-friendly” it was, I am going to rate it on how friendly it was toward my kids. 

Semantics, you say

Not so.

Kid friendly has the idea of safe corners and outlet covers. It is if a place has chicken nuggets on the menu and if there are coloring pages with crayons. These things are there “in case of kids.”

It is entirely possible for a place to “kid friendly” and not friendly toward kids.

Friendly toward kids

For instance, I may go out to eat with my kids. The host produces a set of papers and crayons but seats me way over by the kitchen or in some other undesirable location. This way, I am out of sight of the other customers. 

I have, count them, 1, 2, 3 kids.

What was I thinking? 

This expression is frequently on the face of “not friendly to kids” places. They have a polite smile, but their countenance says, “What were you thinking? You have three kids. You should have probably kept them home. I hope they are not loud. What if they disturb the other customers? Oh this is just awful…”

I think you get the picture.

So, I decided to start rating places that value, even their tiniest customers. Because if you value my kids, you value me. 


I promise you I understand that sometimes kids are unruly, and they are most definitely messy, especially when they are young. I like places that treat my kids as innocent until proven guilty.

Don’t automatically assume my kids will be the worst ever. They don’t assume you’re the worst adult ever.

Stepping off the soap box

So, now that my rant is over, you can expect a series of reviews from my adventures with my AWESOME kids. 

My CRAZY family part 2…my other granny

Some people have the fortunate occurrence of have different names for their grandmothers. Not me. I inherited a slew of grannies. I already introduced you to first granny or GK as she wanted to be known as. Next, I would like you to meet Granny Doris. My Granny D man can she cook. She could feed an army. 

I, literally, saw her try to remove a peach cobbler from the oven, that was so big and deep, she couldn’t remove it without calling for reinforcements. 

Do you remember those old fashioned round as the moon and piled high to the sky cakes? They were filled with lots o’ love, flour, eggs, and sugar. My granny makes them the best. I told her she should start “Mrs. Doris’s Cakes.” My favorite is the cake with pineapple between the layers, coconut all over the frosting, and a cherry perched like a jewel right in the center. 

My momma thinks Granny D’s greens are the best. Amazing greens cooked and seasoned just right. 

My Granny D always had a large fish aquarium, that helped feed into the wonder that was Granny’s house.

My favorite spot in her old house was where she proudly displayed all of her family Pictures up her extensive staircase. It was like a time capsule or living history exhibit, seeing where we had been and where we were going. 

So while Granny D wasn’t a globetrotter like GK, her personality filled up the room like one of her giant cakes trying to fit on the cake plate.

Crazy Amazing Family, part 1

My Granny!

It only seems fitting to start with her, since she is the inspiration behind me starting these series of posts. I love her so much; she was such a wildcard, always going here in there even in her senior years.

 I loved my granny. I loved to hear her stories of going to Africa and hot air ballooning. I love to hear about swimming with the great white sharks. I love to hear how she backpacked in the Himalayas and went scuba diving in the Caribbean.

 I recognize now that most grannys just stay at home and make baked goods for their grandkids or do some other kind of domesticated thing. Not my granny, she was a world traveler and had many adventures to tell me and occasionally take me on.

My crazy family…

¬†It has come to my attention that my family might be slightly abnormal. It appears that most grandmas don’t go scuba diving,and have boyfriends in foreign countries, and pick up scuba diving in there sixties. Also, most people don’t have hundreds of cousins. Apparently, people don’t have kids back to back to back ¬†and then move to a developing nation and live in the middle of the rain forest. ¬†so I decided to start a series of ¬†post titled “My family …the new crazy normal.”


ALL LIVES MATTER! I am frankly tired of hearing about more people being shot.

I am more tired of hearing these tragedies being used as platforms for hatred.

It takes not any effort to hate someone. No effort to blame pain on a mass group of people.

It takes courage and strength to say, “You did me wrong! I forgive you for it.”

Charleston is doing it right. They are promoting healing instead of division.

#Black Lives Matter

Yes, they do! The African American community has suffered many tragedies. Please don’t be jaded by people who have committed wrongs against you.

#Police Lives Matter

Yes, they do! I see you, officer. Patrolling the streets day after day. You see tragedy after tragedy. Rarely, are you thanked. Please, don’t get jaded by the offenders and repeat offenders.

#All lives matter

If we as human beings remember we are no better than the man next to us, we will remember that all lives matter. That homeless man matters just as much as that CEO. The Mexican immigrant that shares his home with his 10 other family members matters just as much as the soccer mom with two kids in the burbs.  Remember that all people are humans with varying levels of melanin. We are brothers and sisters that should reach out with a loving hand, instead of a disapproving glance.