In the beginning God Created….

In the beginning God Created….(Some encouraging thoughts from Genesis 1:1-2) Awestruck by Your Power …out of nothing You created with mere words Darkness was over the face of the deep… In the darkness, with nothing around to record its existence, you know it was there….unseen. The spirit of God was hovering over the face of […]


I recently decided that I wanted to undertake a project. I wanted to spearhead a movement where parents and kids did an activity they both enjoyed. So the following posts will be reviews of things I do with my kids.  BUT…… I am going to flip it on its head. Instead of  writing how “kid-friendly” […]

My crazy family…

 It has come to my attention that my family might be slightly abnormal. It appears that most grandmas don’t go scuba diving,and have boyfriends in foreign countries, and pick up scuba diving in there sixties. Also, most people don’t have hundreds of cousins. Apparently, people don’t have kids back to back to back  and then […]


ALL LIVES MATTER! I am frankly tired of hearing about more people being shot. I am more tired of hearing these tragedies being used as platforms for hatred. It takes not any effort to hate someone. No effort to blame pain on a mass group of people. It takes courage and strength to say, “You […]