I am a Failure and that’s ok.

So many times in life, our society touts life’s success. It reminds me of the movie Inside Out. Our society is caught in the first half of the movie. In case you have not seen it 567 times like me, here is a recap. The movie personifies the emotions in a girl’s head. The emotions generally give sadness a hard time. Joy, the happiness emotion, is the star and runs the show. Eventually, sadness doesn’t feel needed and leaves. Our culture glorifies the victors and very rarely focuses on their failures. If failures are discussed, it is to ridicule and mock the person.

“This is a shame. Failure is the greatest friend of success.”

I admit it. “I am a failure” is a rather audacious title. It’s true and I am finally not ashamed of it. I love my mother, and she is a perfectionist. Her mantra was “a mistake is a mistake because it could have been avoided.” There simply was no reason for failure. 

It took me until my twenties to figure out that mistakes or failures are okay. I feel that we put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. What makes us unique and beautiful are our scars and battles. 

Daybreak is beautiful, because it comes through darkness.

The second half of Inside Out discovers that to have a healthy well rounded person you need sadness. 

I have failed at my career, at times I have failed my husband and kids, and I have failed my ventures. It is disheartening and I look back at those times with pain.

I need those memories, because they helped me gain some of my greatest lessons and successes. It’s okay to be a failure. Learn from it and grow. 

We were missionaries and had to leave to field for my health. I felt like a failure and a let down. My family and my marriage are so much stronger and sweeter now.

I love my failures. They gave me beautiful day breaks.


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