I recently decided that I wanted to undertake a project. I wanted to spearhead a movement where parents and kids did an activity they both enjoyed. So the following posts will be reviews of things I do with my kids. 


I am going to flip it on its head. Instead of  writing how “kid-friendly” it was, I am going to rate it on how friendly it was toward my kids. 

Semantics, you say

Not so.

Kid friendly has the idea of safe corners and outlet covers. It is if a place has chicken nuggets on the menu and if there are coloring pages with crayons. These things are there “in case of kids.”

It is entirely possible for a place to “kid friendly” and not friendly toward kids.

Friendly toward kids

For instance, I may go out to eat with my kids. The host produces a set of papers and crayons but seats me way over by the kitchen or in some other undesirable location. This way, I am out of sight of the other customers. 

I have, count them, 1, 2, 3 kids.

What was I thinking? 

This expression is frequently on the face of “not friendly to kids” places. They have a polite smile, but their countenance says, “What were you thinking? You have three kids. You should have probably kept them home. I hope they are not loud. What if they disturb the other customers? Oh this is just awful…”

I think you get the picture.

So, I decided to start rating places that value, even their tiniest customers. Because if you value my kids, you value me. 


I promise you I understand that sometimes kids are unruly, and they are most definitely messy, especially when they are young. I like places that treat my kids as innocent until proven guilty.

Don’t automatically assume my kids will be the worst ever. They don’t assume you’re the worst adult ever.

Stepping off the soap box

So, now that my rant is over, you can expect a series of reviews from my adventures with my AWESOME kids. 


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