My CRAZY family part 2…my other granny

Some people have the fortunate occurrence of have different names for their grandmothers. Not me. I inherited a slew of grannies. I already introduced you to first granny or GK as she wanted to be known as. Next, I would like you to meet Granny Doris. My Granny D man can she cook. She could feed an army. 

I, literally, saw her try to remove a peach cobbler from the oven, that was so big and deep, she couldn’t remove it without calling for reinforcements. 

Do you remember those old fashioned round as the moon and piled high to the sky cakes? They were filled with lots o’ love, flour, eggs, and sugar. My granny makes them the best. I told her she should start “Mrs. Doris’s Cakes.” My favorite is the cake with pineapple between the layers, coconut all over the frosting, and a cherry perched like a jewel right in the center. 

My momma thinks Granny D’s greens are the best. Amazing greens cooked and seasoned just right. 

My Granny D always had a large fish aquarium, that helped feed into the wonder that was Granny’s house.

My favorite spot in her old house was where she proudly displayed all of her family Pictures up her extensive staircase. It was like a time capsule or living history exhibit, seeing where we had been and where we were going. 

So while Granny D wasn’t a globetrotter like GK, her personality filled up the room like one of her giant cakes trying to fit on the cake plate.


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