ALL LIVES MATTER! I am frankly tired of hearing about more people being shot.

I am more tired of hearing these tragedies being used as platforms for hatred.

It takes not any effort to hate someone. No effort to blame pain on a mass group of people.

It takes courage and strength to say, “You did me wrong! I forgive you for it.”

Charleston is doing it right. They are promoting healing instead of division.

#Black Lives Matter

Yes, they do! The African American community has suffered many tragedies. Please don’t be jaded by people who have committed wrongs against you.

#Police Lives Matter

Yes, they do! I see you, officer. Patrolling the streets day after day. You see tragedy after tragedy. Rarely, are you thanked. Please, don’t get jaded by the offenders and repeat offenders.

#All lives matter

If we as human beings remember we are no better than the man next to us, we will remember that all lives matter. That homeless man matters just as much as that CEO. The Mexican immigrant that shares his home with his 10 other family members matters just as much as the soccer mom with two kids in the burbs.  Remember that all people are humans with varying levels of melanin. We are brothers and sisters that should reach out with a loving hand, instead of a disapproving glance.


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