Cheeseless Pizza

What’s cheese pizza without the cheese?

Think about some classic kid food: milk and cereal, grilled cheese, Mac and cheese, cheese pizza, etc.

Now imagine only one of your kids being able to eat it. It’s second nature now to say “no cheese on that” or “no milk”, but it wasn’t always that way.

For instance, pizza night is interesting as we sacrifice half of the pizza to the “no cheese” part of our tribe. The pizza companies are normally good about it.

I’m am truly thankful, though that it is very slight and not life threatening. It has also opened up a world of amazing products to us, such as chocolate almond milk ( which tastes like a candy bar), coconut milk ice cream ( which tastes like a Mounds bar), and there is no real substitute for cheese (soy cheese need not apply)!

So next time you reach for a grilled cheese, be thankful you don’t have to order toast instead.


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