At the dentist

I am sitting in my 5th appt for my dumb molar I had a root canal on. This story actually starts in July of last year and deals heavily with the topic of procrastination.

Imagine with me for a moment that your mom is a dental hygienist and keeps track of all your teeth. She calls by their proper names. ( What you didn’t know that every tooth you have has a proper name, not just middle teeth or that 3rd one on the right?)

Well, then also imagine cracking a tooth in say the middle of July and having no idea how you did it.

Sure, I am in my late twenties but I am still fairly close to mom and she would find out.

So I did a childish thing and hid this tooth fact. Well, need to say instead of just getting a crown, I procrastinated to the point where I am today: post root canal.

Please put root canal at the top of the ” never do again list”

Not only did I have to get a root canal, but when he was almost done the tiny metal file broke off in my tooth.

which is why I now sit in the endodontist’s office


So let this be a lesson to all you dental procrastinators lest you suffer my fate!

Side note: almost missed my appt because they kept calling for Miriam which is most certainly not my name ;(


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