How do I love AAA, let me count the ways!

Well I was going to do some quick errands this morning, and then clean the house. Enter my favorite law in the universe: Murphy’s law. Again, if you need to know what I’m talking about just look here.

When your SUV starts looking like a steam locomotive on a cool morning, you have issues.

The fairies that campaign against me having a clean house have struck again. Instead of cleaning, this morning was spent calling my husband about our broken down truck, calling my dad to pick up my son, calling my mom to reassure her I was ok, receiving a call from my husband… You get the picture.

Enter my favorite letter “a.” AAA is like a handsome knight on a white horse. In your moment of distress, you can call them and they send you help right in area of need. They even ask about your safety!

Well, after said commissioned knight towed my car off, I had confidence knowing it would get to my mechanic safe, and I didn’t have to worry about the towing bill.

Maybe tomorrow, I will beat those dastardly fairies and once again have a clean house.


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