Though I walk

My family has gone through various stages on deputation. If you don’t know what I’m talking about look here. Right now, we are at the “stay at home while he travels stage.”

Let me pause right here to tell you how much I am in love with my husband!

He is my best friend! I get to share life’s trials and struggles with the most Amazing man in the universe. (He had to be to top my daddy!) When we are apart, it feels like my heart is missing.

With that said, he is generally gone less than four days. This is a miserable existence, since “Daddy” is quite a pillar in our family. He is my snuggle buddy, a human jungle gym for the boys, bath giver, night time devotion maker, and rest giver to prego mommy.

Normally, I can tackle anything!

This time he is gone for fifteen days. Eternity… Day three… I think was when the bravado evaporated and I desperately missed my husband.

But God in His Infinite Wisdom knows what’s best!

The end of yourself is generally a good place to meet God. I do not wish for anything different in my life, but as any missionary can tell you deputation can be taxing at times.

Dear God, Abba Father,

I need you more than ever right now. I need you to get me through these times . Fill me with the Love and Comfort only you can give. Help me be to my boys what they need while John is gone….

I think my desperate plea went something like that. You know what? God is ALWAYS faithful. Though it may be hard without my other half, I have a peace and resolve that passes all understanding. I pray to God of the Universe, and He answers.

Since the Valley, it hasn’t been all rainbows, but I have a Light for my path. He answers my littlest requests for help when seek it.

Thank you, God for being there in my Valley and helping me back on my journey to the mountaintop.


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