I’ve been buying this why?

So yesterday, I ran out of peanut butter. Having two children 3 and under, this is a big deal. No PB&J sandwiches, no cookies with peanut butter, and no ants on log. If you are wondering about that last one, you can look it up here. I really did not want to go to the store for one thing. Fast forward a few hours….Epiphany! I, in my “this would awesome to try phase,” had purchased a LOT of cheap bulk peanuts from Publix.

Guess it is time to mark the peanut butter project off the list.

So, I sojourned to Google for the ancient recipe of peanut butter making.

Imagine my surprise when it is the easiest recipe ever, literally. Just look at this one! I chose to model mine after this one. I used coconut oil, instead because I like it. Conventionally, other recipes say to use peanut oil, which makes sense.

Okay, so why have I been buying this? How easy is it to throw peanuts in my ninja. (Yes, I am talking about the chopper, not an actual ninja that chops peanuts.) Pulse, add a little extra oil, and some agave to top it off.

Instant success!

Plus, it is way cheaper than store bought! I don’t have to even check for pesky ingredients, because I made it. No trip to the store, and I have extra peanuts for next time!

So, once again, I have come across something that I have always bought without thinking, but have discovered that I like making myself (for cheaper).


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